York celebrates 800 years


Very few cities can look forward to celebrating 800 years since given its freedom as the city of York. It has been slated as a year full of events that residents have been looking forward to for some time. The month of June was kicked off with a bang as visitors got to indulge in a chocolate festival that was well earned. The River Ouse will also come alive as boats will be out in the hundreds. Visitors and long time residents will be returning to stay for some of the festivities and they will be trying to find discount hotels. Those who no longer have ties to the city will need to find a hotel that is close to where the action is and can offer cheap hotel rates. There are many hotels in the city centre of York and they are expected to be crowded, so smart travellers would do well to book early.

Anyone visiting the city of York will have no choice but to take part in remembering the anniversary, if only for the fact that the entire city will be taking an active part. This is not a small operation, in fact the programme is scheduled to last a year, and it has something for everyone. The celebration is the remembrance of York governing themselves for the first time as they were allowed to everything that would otherwise have been handled by the crown. There are quite a few events that are scheduled, all of which will be something to remember. Stop by the Minster anytime during June to September and see the eight wonders of York through the eyes of 8 centuries. The National Railway Museum brings in the Railfest as the world’s largest rail museum gets involved in the celebrations. June the 12th has the best Guided Heritage Walks, as they familiarise you with the history of beer and pubs.

Spend some time in the great outdoors at the Kite Festival, or make plans to attend the Dragon Boat Races on the river Ouse. Sweet tooth lovers can look forward to receiving one of 800 cakes at the Cake Giveaway, made by the caring hands of students from the York College. Don’t miss the chance to hear York Stories by residents of their own walk through this historic city. If you prefer food as your entertainment then the Festival of Food and Drink is just what the doctor ordered. The last week in October will be all about lights, so bring your camera and your imagination as you witness the Illuminating York festivities. These are just a few of the many events that have been planned for the 800th anniversary of York, so plan on being there.

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