Six Reasons to Vacation in Crete


Greece has no shortage of beautiful islands, but the island of Crete is one of the nation’s most culturally rich. Crete is also Greece’s most populous and largest island. More than two million people each year visit the island; this makes it one of the country’s most popular destinations.  With prosperous cities and beautiful scenery, Crete is one of the world’s most enchanting places to vacation.


Romantic and pristine, Crete’s beaches are among the island’s most attractive features.  Since the island boasts roughly one thousand kilometers of coastline, vacationers will easily find a sandy stretch along the Mediterranean that suits Various coves, bays, and peninsulas also showcase the island’s scenic beauty.


As Crete is one of Europe’s most popular vacation destinations,  it isn’t surprising that there isa wide variety of resorts to host the island’s visitors. Resorts, particularly coastal resorts, can be found near the island’s most famous beaches. Some offer relaxing and luxurious accommodations while others promise vibrant nightlife and a plethora of activities.  Elounda, Malia, Agia Galini,  and  lerapetra.


The capital of Crete, Heraklion offers vacationers many urban amusements—fine restaurants, taverns, and clubs can be found throughout the city. There are also many cultural attractions located in the city such as the Venetian Walls, a cathedral.

Towns and Villages

Visiting the smaller communities of the island is an enchanting way to enhance an understanding of local customs, cuisine, and history.  Picturesque fishing villages dot the coast. Other towns are known for their specific attractions; for instance, Chania.

Archaeological Sites

With such a long history, Crete contains a wealth of important archaeological remains. The Minoan sites of Knossosand Phaistosare, perhaps, two of the island’s most important attractions.


Crete is famous for its fresh food and traditional dishes. Fresh fish and squid are easily procured. Olives and fresh herbs accompany many meals.  Seasonal fruits and vegetables are available in the markets as well as at restaurants and cafes Wine and the island’s favorite hard liquor, Raki, are also hallmarks.

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