Mongolia: A Destination Above the Rest

Standing amid the vastness of the Mongolian steppes, where a pattern of contrasting greens extends in all directions to infinity, and where sunsets which rival the fires of distant volcanoes before surrendering to nights as still, deep, and awash in stars as the Milky Way itself is like no other experience on Earth. Such an [...]


Six Reasons to Vacation in Crete

Greece has no shortage of beautiful islands, but the island of Crete is one of the nation’s most culturally rich. Crete is also Greece’s most populous and largest island. More than two million people each year visit the island; this makes it one of the country’s most popular destinations.  With prosperous cities and beautiful scenery, [...]


Accommodations in Amsterdam – Hotels and Hostels

From modern luxury hotels to traditional, quaint bed and breakfasts, Amsterdam offers something for everyone, and for those who aren’t quite sure what exactly they’re after, this guide will provide some insight into making your accommodations optimize your experience. Even within the same city, the accommodations can vary widely. There are four basic types of [...]


Egypt – Cleopatra’s Ancient Beauty Secrets

Queen Cleopatra was the most famous of all history’s great seducers, a nubile beauty who tempted two of the most powerful men of the Ancient Roman Empire to risk all in order to possess her. Her appearance is left to the imagination and the secrets of her seductive charm are lost to the dustbin of [...]


York celebrates 800 years

Very few cities can look forward to celebrating 800 years since given its freedom as the city of York. It has been slated as a year full of events that residents have been looking forward to for some time. The month of June was kicked off with a bang as visitors got to indulge in [...]


Things to Do in East London

Most visitors to London never venture to the East End, but the preparations for the 2012 London Olympics have put this part of the city on the tourism map. Neighbourhoods around the future Olympic Village in East London are being redeveloped and renovated for Olympic tourists, and the East End offers vibrant street markets, free [...]


Dubrovnik, Croatia – Pearl of the Mediterranean

Dubrovnik is definitely worth visiting for reasons that are difficult to describe in words as much as with a photo, however talented you may be. Why? Simply because words and photos cannot communicate what matters about this town, the first encounter with it and the elation you feel when you see it for the first [...]


Alternative Iceland Vacation

Iceland has a multitude of well-known, spectacular tourist attractions. The Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle and Myvatn are all definitely worth seeing, but sometimes their fame masks some of the other jewels Iceland has to offer. For the visitor looking for something a little different, or someone making their second or third trip to the [...]


Oranjestad – Aruba Gem of the Caribbean

If they travel often enough, eventually vacationers will stumble upon cities they find truly remarkable even though they happened to visit them almost by accident. For big fans of cruising, it’s not unusual to find themselves in the most amazing places because a particular port-of-call happened to be on their cruise itinerary. A destination perhaps [...]


Don’t Miss Seoul City – South Korea

Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, has something for everyone and if you have a few days to a week you can easily be educated and entertained without breaking the bank. What more could you want from a city than great food, shopping, culture and a nightlife that has no limits? Take a stroll [...]