Finding the Best Belfast Hotel With a Spa Resort


Heading out to the Northern Ireland for the trip of a lifetime can be the most relaxing experience of your life, as long as you choose the right hotel to meet all of your needs. And there’s nowhere better to plan your stay than in the capital. But booking the perfect Belfast hotel with a spa resort is not as simple as logging onto the Internet and doing a search on a search engine. In fact, you have to know what you’re looking for and how to determine which spas are the best for your vacation. After all, your definition of “spa” might mean something very different from hotel to hotel. Here are five ways that you can determine which Belfast hotel rooms are right for you and will make all your spa dreams a reality.

• Carefully read the list of services that are available at the spa you’ve selected. Not every spa will provide massages along with manicures, pedicures, hair styling, saunas, baths, scrubs, and all of the luxury features you’ve come to expect from a hotel spa.

• Make certain that the spa is located in the hotel. Many hotels throughout the world combine forces with spas that are located near to the hotel, but off site. This is common in smaller hotels, or historic hotels with nowhere to put a spa.

• Call the hotel spa for actual hours and availability. Many times, hotel web sites do not have the accurate information for their spa. Call and ask questions to find out if in-room massages are a possibility, and what the hours of the spa are to make sure that it will fit into your schedule without taking up too much of your holiday. Some hotel spas only offer massages during regular daytime work hours, which could put a cramp in your tourist routine.

• Decide ahead of time how many people you’re willing to fight for a spot at the spa. Many hotel spas are open to the public as well to ensure growing business. But this can make it difficult for guests to make an appointment during a time that is convenient for them. Book your spa services early and ensure that you will get the time you deserve.

• Check reviews to better understand the atmosphere and level of service at the hotel spa. Every hotel web site says that their spa is tranquil and relaxing. You won’t know that for certain unless you check the reviews. Some relaxing spas put nothing but a curtain between you and the next massage client. Others have masseuses who are uncertified, or that are students. It is up to you what level of professionalism and tranquillity you expect. Read reviews to make sure the hotel and its spa jive with your needs.

No matter which Belfast hotel and spa you select for your holiday, it should be everything you dreamed of and more. Never settle for less than everything and your trip with be a daydream of luxurious relaxation come true.

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