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Six Reasons to Vacation in Crete

Greece has no shortage of beautiful islands, but the island of Crete is one of the nation’s most culturally rich. Crete is also Greece’s most populous and largest island. More than two million people each year visit the island; this makes it one of the country’s most popular destinations.  With prosperous cities and beautiful scenery, [...]


Accommodations in Amsterdam – Hotels and Hostels

From modern luxury hotels to traditional, quaint bed and breakfasts, Amsterdam offers something for everyone, and for those who aren’t quite sure what exactly they’re after, this guide will provide some insight into making your accommodations optimize your experience. Even within the same city, the accommodations can vary widely. There are four basic types of [...]


Egypt – Cleopatra’s Ancient Beauty Secrets

Queen Cleopatra was the most famous of all history’s great seducers, a nubile beauty who tempted two of the most powerful men of the Ancient Roman Empire to risk all in order to possess her. Her appearance is left to the imagination and the secrets of her seductive charm are lost to the dustbin of [...]