Albania, a Diamond in the Rough

When many people think of Albania the usual stereotypes spring to mind, corruption, people-trafficking, weapons-dealing and drug-smuggling. We rarely hear of the unexplored beauty and charm of this tiny country and the incredibly sad and turbulent past of one of Europe’s long lost sons. Albania is now beginning a journey which will lead to acceptance [...]


Munich a City Rich in Spectacular Scenery

As Germany’s third largest city, Munich serves as the capital of Bavaria and boasts a population of over 1,300,000. The city offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe and serves as one of the most important economic centers of Germany. Munich is situated along the Isar River at the foot of the spectacular [...]


Finding the Best Belfast Hotel With a Spa Resort

Heading out to the Northern Ireland for the trip of a lifetime can be the most relaxing experience of your life, as long as you choose the right hotel to meet all of your needs. And there’s nowhere better to plan your stay than in the capital. But booking the perfect Belfast hotel with a [...]


Manchester – The Perfect Place to Visit for Your UK Break

If you are fed up of run of the mill holidays abroad and fancy something a bit different, then why not travel to Manchester in the UK for your holiday? You will be able to stop in a hotel in the heart of the city centre and take full advantage of the local amenities. Manchester [...]


Sarajevo – The Town in Which Wars Were Started

Emotions stirred up by this town are always positive, but the deplorable events from not so long ago seemed to dictate this title. Since the devastation of the town on the Miljacka River at the end of the 20th century is a matter of common knowledge, we will go back a hundred years, to 1914, [...]


Vienna, Where Christmas is Special

If you are wondering about the best destination to visit at Advent time, your answer is: Vienna, capital of Austria, population two million. Its general atmosphere is one of peace and respite, with tasteful and elegant decorations infusing the streets with Christmas spirit without overdoing the tacky glitter. Food stands are offering everything from fast-foods [...]


Tokyo Information for Travelers

Crazy pop Harajuku teens in Lolita goth costumes, the serene calm of the Mejii shrine, the hectic pace of Tsukijifish market, or the frenzy of Shinjuku Station’s rush-hour commuters-a traveler never knows what to expect around the next corner in Tokyo. It is a city that has thoroughly embraced the new and even newer, while [...]


About Madrid

A bustling cosmopolitan insomniac, Spain’s capital lies at the very heart of the peninsula and is home to a revered trinity of art galleries, a long line of Hispanic Kings and the hallowed ground of Real Madrid soccer club. At its liveliest best when the midnight hour is past and the Madrilerios (Madrid natives) come [...]


Munich The Beating Heart of Europe

Long regarded as Germany’s most beautiful city, Munich was voted the world’s most liveable city by Monocle Magazine in 2010. It’s easy to see why. It has an agreeable climate — warm from May to September, but never oppressively so. The hottest months are July and August with daytime temperatures in the mid twenties It’s [...]


Go through the Natural Splendor of Vietnam by Train Travel

Individuals those who are interested to understand more about Vietnam’s natural splendor and cultural wealth can plan certainly one of their finest holidays for connecting on the spectacular travel adventure of the lifetime. Your way is incomplete without travelling by train. The classic Vietnam train tour is provided using the great rail journey from Hanoi [...]